Lawson's videos have cumulative views totaling over 10 million alone on YouTube. Enjoy a selection here...

VIDEOS showcasing Lawson's unique finger-style technique and prodigious command of the guitar have gone viral on the internet and attracted millions of viewers, a rare feat for an instrumental artist.  "The videos were meant to be eye catching and entertaining to watch, but I thought they'd be of interest mostly to fans of highly technical guitar playing," says Lawson. "I never planned to put these short, improvisational  pieces on an album; I just wanted to convey the feeling of one small certain aspect of my playing. I hope viewers of  the 90 second 'Fire Cadenza' or 2 minute 'Santa Ana Wind' videos will move from the videos to something more complex and melodic from one of my actual albums, like the 7 minute track "The Diamond Path" from the Elevation album, which has flavors or India mixed with Afro Cuban rumba and showcases an eclectic cast of musicians from Nepal to California."  Enjoy a free download of "The Diamond Path" here.

The videos struck a chord with viewers from around the world, both guitarists and non-guitarists alike. Guitar World Magazine aptly states: "It's not often that a Latin jazz guitarist generates millions of views on YouTube with short instrumental pieces, but Lawson Rollins is used to defying expectations."

“Locomotion” - composed by Lawson Rollins


...the roller coaster ride follow-up to his viral video hits 'The Fire Cadenza' and 'Santa Ana Wind', which have been enjoyed by 8 million viewers alone on YouTube.

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Guitar tabs here.

Lawson Rollins - guitar, drum programming, keyboard
Dominic Camardella - keyboard bass

Video cinematography and direction - Dean Yurke

“Santa Ana Wind” - composed by Lawson Rollins

Over 1.5 million views on Youtube to date

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on iTunes.

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Guitar tabs here.

Lawson Rollins - guitar
Randy Tico - bass
Dave Bryant - percussion

Video cinematography and direction - Rick Chapman

“The Fire Cadenza” - composed by Lawson Rollins

7 million total views on Youtube to date from multiple postings of the video by fans.

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Lawson Rollins - guitar
Dominic Camardella - keyboard


Watch footage from the recording session for Lawson's Billboard Top 30 radio chart hit song "Island Time" off the     "3 Minutes to Midnight" album.

Recording the title track from "3 Minutes to Midnight":

Recording "Time Shift"  from "3 Minutes to Midnight"