Lawson was the host of a one hour 'Celebrity Guest DJ' show on 'Watercolors' channel #66 on Sirius-XM satellite radio, broadcast to over 30 million Sirius-XM subscribers. Watercolors is the most widely heard contemporary jazz channel in the United States.

Lawson discusses his albums and plays some of his favorite contemporary jazz and World music tracks.

Check out the archived World Premier Presentation global radio show featuring an interview with Lawson and some track-by-track discussion of the new album "Airwaves: The Greatest Hits." The archived show features song samples only instead of the full tracks that were broadcast live.

Enjoy some selected press & radio interviews with Lawson:

15 minute radio interviews with Lawson broadcast live on WRTC in Connecticut: 

20 minute interview with Lawson broadcast
across Australia on Phase Global Radio in Sydney
with host Paul Mac.:

CLICK HERE to read the interview in the March 2017 issue of Guitar Player Magazine.