Lawson Rollins

the new album from award-winning, Billboard Top 10 World Music guitarist Lawson Rollins

Release date: 9/18/15 - Already #1 on Amazon.com Hot New Releases charts!

10 classic world music tracks taken from Lawson Rollins' acclaimed solo albums, remixed and reimagined with a modern aesthetic, incorporating elements of electronica/chill-out/downtempo into the world music fusion of the original songs. Featuring new guitar performances from Lawson, remixing from Billboard chart ranked Persian-American musician/producer Shahin Shahida, and an all-star cast of musicians including legendary Brazilian chanteuse Flora Purim.

Mastered at the world-renowned Sterling Sound studio in NYC. 

Available in vinyl and cd, and at all digital outlets.

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Read the recent 2015 interview with Lawson in Guitar Player Magazine:



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