Dark Matter: Music For Film



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DARK MATTER: MUSIC FOR FILM marks a bold departure for Lawson Rollins as he sets aside his main instrument - the nylon string Spanish guitar - and crafts a mysterious soundscape of lush steel string acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, violins, and flute that transcends conventional song structure in favor of free-form musical impressionism ripe with emotional intensity.

Physicists have postulated the existence of a hypothetical, unseen ‘dark matter’ that pervades the universe and comprises possibly 85% of the mass of the universe, yet this dark matter can’t be measured or defined. With this album, Lawson has endeavored to strip away his main musical tool - the nylon string guitar he is known for - and explore the musical dark matter that lies beneath his signature guitar work displayed on his many albums over the past 20 years.

The atmospheric instrumental music on DARK MATTER: MUSIC FOR FILM offers a cinematic, impressionistic sound that is designed to serve as the soundtrack for the Listener's imagination.

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  • Listen out for tracks from DARK MATTER on Sirius-XM’s ambient channel.

  • Also heard on 120 NPR stations nationwide on the syndicated Echoes program.

  • The album is in the Top 15 on the ZoneMusicReporter Top 100 radio chart. Chart is here.

  • Lawson discusses DARK MATTER in a major new feature in GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE here

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