Through their internationally popular recordings, televised concerts, and live performances, Young & Rollins established themselves in the year 2000 as one of the most innovative Latin guitar groups on the scene. Their debut album SALSA FLAMENCA  hit the Billboard Top 25 Chart and was followed by three additional popular releases, SEVILLA, ESPERANZA, and MOSAIC. Young & Rollins have amassed a worldwide following and earned much critical acclaim, with the Washington Post declaring "Young and Rollins display a shocking breadth of skills." 

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Veteran music critic, Jonathan Widran, describes MOSAIC as "uniformly engaging and brilliant" and writes, "As engaging as the tunes and the bright productions are, those who listen closely are bound to find themselves intoxicated by the intricate weavings of the two guitars."


"Seductive guitar sounds with just the right amount of technical guitar virtuosity”, writes 20th Century Guitar Magazine in its review of ESPERANZA, while the All Music Guide's review states, "Proof that music can be technically flawless without lacking wit or soul, ESPERANZA is Young & Rollins' best album to this point."


"The duo's deft musicianship and melodic flair keep the music distinctive and engaging." 
- Review from The Washington Post


"The music is passionate, romantic, refreshing and soothing all at once..." 
- The All Music Guide